Sunday, July 10, 2016

June & 1st week of July update

I finished Hitchhiking Ghosts by tinyneedle on Etsy.  Here's Phineas, Ezra & Gus from the Haunted Mansion at Disney World.  I mailed them off to my uncle and he absolutely loves them.

I've stitched up June & July on Postcards from the World by Cloudsfactory, as well as finished the frames: 

I've completed a slew of more Star Wars characters that will be fully finished into ornaments for my brother's SW xmas tree.  The ones on perforated paper will be cut out and mounted individually.
Grand Moff Tarkin & Chewbacca

Han Solo, Leia & Luke Skywalker from A New Hope 

 Yoda & Lando Calrissian

A stormtropper, Admiral Ackbar, & Wedge Antilles

 C-3PO & R2-D2, and BB-8

Rey added with BB-8, Finn & Poe (labeled to distinguish him from Wedge)

Wicket the Ewok & Greedo

For the Whine & WIPs SAL on Stitch Maynia, I pulled out this UFO.  Deep Sea Fish kit by's the starting point.  

And here's how much I got done in 5 days...everything above the pink & yellow fish.

I also worked on Camelot Sampler and finished the castle medallion and work a bit more on the border.

I also was out of town for a week in June and I worked on 2 Glendon Place pieces: Red Velvet Cake & Cruisin'.  Here's their progress pics:

Here's the FFO of the dragon I stitched in May...put into a card for my cousin's daughter's birth.

An updated pic of Ginger Friends, that I've worked on a bit here & there as it's easy to grab.

And finally, I have started the Lakeside Fantasy SAL by Durene Jones.  I've been working on the circle frames of the border.  The first character comes out 1 Aug.