Friday, December 2, 2016

3 Month update (Sep-Nov)

It's well past time for an update on my WIPs!  Here's where they stand:

First, an FO & FFO:  This is Ginger Friends by Mill Hill:

Progress update on Camelot Sampler by Teresa Wentzler:   (I've been focusing on borders.)

Some finished objects (smalls):
 Xmas with Jane Austen, from JCS 2012 Ornaments issue:

Katie Kitty (a freebie) by Brooke's Books

Boggart Snape by tinyneedle on Etsy

Noel, a Tiny Tiding from Lizzie*Kate

Jingle, another Tiny Tiding from Lizzie*Kate

Katie Kitty, Noel & Jingle will be made into ornaments as teacher gifts this year.  

An update on the Lakeside Needlecraft / Durene Jones Fantasy SAL:  I finished the September Wizard first:
Then I finished my color conversion of the August Pegasus

And October was this cute witch:

I worked on the background of QS Ruby by Rachel Anderson / HAED:

Update on Postcards from the World SAL:
September was Toyko:

October was New York City:

November was Vancouver:

I have the top half done on Mickey & the Gang.  Just the huge car remains.

In September, I started Brave by donastitch on Etsy.  Here's my progress:

In November, I started Pretty Little DC by Satsuma Street. My progress:

Later in November, I started Ghostly Mandala by Ink Circles, but I'm reversing it and stitching the negative spaces, not the ghost outlines.  I copied this idea from someone on Instagram.

That's it for now!  Hopefully I will get a couple more finishes before the end of the year, and I need to FFO some xmas gifts.