Wednesday, February 14, 2018

January 2018 update

I got a lot done in Jan! I had 2 new starts, 2 finishes and lots of progress on my WIPs.

First new start and finish was the January monthly stamp by Lizzie Kate.

My 2nd new start was A Summer Ball by Sandy Littlejohns. My Jan progress:

I stitched up the Jan chimera in Guardians of Notre Dame SAL from Ingleside Imaginarium:

I put in over 2400 stitches on SK DieWalkur and am now 65% done:

I worked on page 2 of QS Ruby by Anderson:

 I finished page 4 of Beauty and the Beast 2017:

I worked on Guardian Angel by Lavender and Lace: 

I modified & stitched the Jan block of the Class Schedule SAL by Armada Designs:

And I finished the Chile Pepper Sampler by Kooler Design Studio!

And I made some good progress on Red Velvet Cake by Glendon Place:

Jul-Dec update and 2017 Summary

Another 8 months between updates!  I suck at this...but here are my finishes from Jul-Dec.  You'll see some of them were new starts as well.  

Red White Bloom by CCN, finished 9 Jul 17

Snow White by LHN, finished 29 Aug 17

Sorting Hat by CrossStitchForYou, finished 3 Sep 17

Brave by DoNaStitch, finished 24 Jul 17

Disney Princesses by weelittlestitches (and I added motto), finished 13 May 17

Double Double by Lizzie Kate, finished 27 Sep 17

Take Me To Paris by Felicity Hall, finished 27 Oct 17

Floss Daily by weelittlestitches (modified by me), finished 8 Oct 17

Silent Night by Lizzie Kate, finished 17 Sep 17

By The Chimney by CCN, finished 12 Nov 17

Diamond Holiday ornament (bottom left) by Mill Hill, finished 7 Nov 17. Pic also shows the final version of Snowman Advent Calendar and Rocking Horse.

Now for a WIP parade of everything else, showing where they were at the end of 2017, so I can go back and look to see where I was:

Kindred Spirits by Bergsma (HAED)

Camelot Sampler by Teresa Wentzler:

Moon Hare by Gyzeman (HAED)

Guardian Angel by Lavendar & Lace

Oh Baby by Gail Gash Taylor (HAED)

QS Ruby by R Anderson (HAED):

Fall Wreath by Angela Pullen:

Macintosh Mill by Dimensions/Wysocki:

SK Diewalkur by Craft (HAED):

Friends Forever by Stokes (HAED):

Christmas Reindeer by Durene Jones:

Chile Pepper Sampler by Kooler Design Studios:

Beauty and the Beast 2017 by Kordek (Tilton Crafts):

Frozen by DoNaStitch:

Red Velvet Cake by Glendon Place: 

Guardians of Notre Dame SAL by Ingleside Imaginarium:

Class Schedule SAL by Armada Designs: 

Sundae Delight by Spangler (HAED): 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Big update!

I can't believe it's been 6 months since I updated!  So let's just do a big update with finishes and progress:

First, all my finishes, some were new starts this year, and they won't be in order because of the way Blogger adds pics: (designer names will be on 2017 finishes page)

Victorian Christmas Eve was finished on 10 Jun.

Mickey & the Gang was finished on 3 Feb.

Jareth the Goblin King was finished on 23 Jan.

Snowman Advent Calendar, finished on 30 Mar.

Pretty Little DC, finished on 3 Apr.

Ghostly Mandala, finished on 30 Apr.

All Hallows Eve, stitched on 3 May.

Christmas Sampler, stitched 7-9 May.

Disney Princesses, stitched 10-13 May.

MH Rocking Horse, stitched 16-17 May.

Christmas Cake freebie, stitched 21-22 May.

Cruisin', finished 26 Jun.

Now for WIPs:
Small start on Edwardian Lady by Joan Elliott, started 1 Jan.

Guardian Angel by Lavender & Lace, started 24 Mar.

Moon Hare by HAED, started 15 Jan.

Friends Forever by HAED (Stokes), started 1 Jan for HAED challenge #4, which I completed.

Brave by DoNaStitch

Red Velvet Cake by Glendon Place

R2D2 Death Star Silhouette by CrossStitchForYou on Etsy, started 4 May.

Fall Wreath by Angela Pullen

SK Die Walkure by HAED (Craft), started 17 May. I'm doing this one extreme cross country one color at a time.  This shows the 2 most used colors done.

Macintosh Mill, a Dimensions kit of a Charles Wysocki design, started 23 May.

Kindred Spirits by HAED (Bergsma), started 1 May 17.  I did this page one color at a time to complete the page and it took me 10 total days.

Oh Baby by HAED (GG Taylor), started 28 May.

Camelot Sampler by Teresa Wentzler - the outer border is done!