Monday, May 30, 2016

Maynia is almost over (update)

I've thoroughly enjoyed all the variety of Maynia!  Here's what I've worked on since 9 May.

10-11 May: New start or Ginger Friends, a Mill Hill kit.  I continued to work on this on the 11th because my daughter wanted me to.

12 May: I started this cute dragon to make into a birth card for my cousin's soon-to-be daughter that's due in June.  This is from the Ultimate Cross Stitch Fantasy book.

13 May: I continued to work on the dragon a bit more and got this far: 

But then I started a new piece: Cruisin' by Glendon Place:

14-17 May:  I finished the dragon:

And then worked on a WIP for 3 days: Red Velvet Cake by Glendon Place:

18 May: I started Fall Wreath from the JCS Oct 2011 (non-Halloween) issue.  I just love these colors!

19 May: I finished Skating Penguins.  I will make this into a Xmas card or ornament for a friend.

20-22 May: I worked on a WIP: A Victorian Christmas Eve by Sandy Littlejohn & Deborah Lester.  I'm on page 3 of 6.  The pic on left is my starting point and on right is my progress after 3 days with a small pic of the finished model.

23 May: I started & finished Emperor Palpatine by weelittlestitches for my brother's Star Wars xmas tree

24 May: I started my first HAED!  This is QS Ruby.  I'm stitching her 1x1 full cross on 25ct lugana. It was a busy day with the kids so I didn't get much done.

25 May: I started & finished Darth Vader by weelittlestitches 

26 May: I worked 1 day on a WIP - Camelot Sampler by Teresa Wentzler, to get my 3 days for the month working on it but I didn't take a picture because most of the time was spent making floss cards for all the blended symbols.

27 May: I stitched a bit more on Ginger Friends - no picture.

28 May: I worked more on QS Ruby and got a lot done since it's only 2 colors in the top left corner:

29 May: I started Hitchhiking Ghosts by tinyneedle on Etsy.  This will be for my uncle who loves The Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World.  

And today, I'm working more on the Ghosts and will see if I can finish it this month.  Almost time for Whine & WIPs!  I plan on working on Camelot Sampler, A Victorian Christmas Eve, Tropical Fish (a UFO) and Haberdashery (needlepoint) but we'll see how my plans play out.  I will be out of town for a week in June so I might take something else to work on for that.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stitch Maynia update (Days 1-9)

As planned, I've done a variety of new starts and WIPs so far this month.  Here's my progress with pictures!

Days 1-2:  I worked on Camelot Sampler by Teresa Wentzler.  This was a restart in 2014.  I decided to try gridding because there's so much confetti and it helped.  I worked on the Camelot medallion and a bit on the border.

Day 3: I stitched up 3 of the frames and 4 of the baubles on Postcards from the World.  No picture of this one...lost it.

Day 4 (Star Wars Day): I started and finished Boba Fett from weelittlestitches' Star Wars Enemies on Etsy.  This is just the first of many as I'm going to make each character into an ornament for a Star Wars xmas tree for my brother.

Day 5:  I started and finished Chicks by Lizzie Kate.  The fabric is a nice lavender color.

Day 6 & 7:  I completed New Delhi in my Postcards from the World.  I left off 1 bird to put in the postmark.

 And here's an overall picture of the piece.  You can see the other 2 frames that I stitched on day 3.

Day 8: I started and finished Fall Squared by Lizzie Kate.  I changed some of the DMC colors. Not too happy with my pumpkins though.  This will be a teacher gift.

Day 9: I started Skating Penguins for a xmas card for a penguin-crazy friend.  This is from I love Cross Stitch's Fast Christmas Cards booklet.

And here's a bonus...when I was going through all my patterns before Stitch Maynia, I found this FO among the leaflets I got from my mom.  She stitched this many many years ago because she liked to find someone who is expecting a little boy!