Saturday, July 1, 2017

Big update!

I can't believe it's been 6 months since I updated!  So let's just do a big update with finishes and progress:

First, all my finishes, some were new starts this year, and they won't be in order because of the way Blogger adds pics: (designer names will be on 2017 finishes page)

Victorian Christmas Eve was finished on 10 Jun.

Mickey & the Gang was finished on 3 Feb.

Jareth the Goblin King was finished on 23 Jan.

Snowman Advent Calendar, finished on 30 Mar.

Pretty Little DC, finished on 3 Apr.

Ghostly Mandala, finished on 30 Apr.

All Hallows Eve, stitched on 3 May.

Christmas Sampler, stitched 7-9 May.

Disney Princesses, stitched 10-13 May.

MH Rocking Horse, stitched 16-17 May.

Christmas Cake freebie, stitched 21-22 May.

Cruisin', finished 26 Jun.

Now for WIPs:
Small start on Edwardian Lady by Joan Elliott, started 1 Jan.

Guardian Angel by Lavender & Lace, started 24 Mar.

Moon Hare by HAED, started 15 Jan.

Friends Forever by HAED (Stokes), started 1 Jan for HAED challenge #4, which I completed.

Brave by DoNaStitch

Red Velvet Cake by Glendon Place

R2D2 Death Star Silhouette by CrossStitchForYou on Etsy, started 4 May.

Fall Wreath by Angela Pullen

SK Die Walkure by HAED (Craft), started 17 May. I'm doing this one extreme cross country one color at a time.  This shows the 2 most used colors done.

Macintosh Mill, a Dimensions kit of a Charles Wysocki design, started 23 May.

Kindred Spirits by HAED (Bergsma), started 1 May 17.  I did this page one color at a time to complete the page and it took me 10 total days.

Oh Baby by HAED (GG Taylor), started 28 May.

Camelot Sampler by Teresa Wentzler - the outer border is done!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Flosstube Year In Review Tag

(Hosted by Jessie Marie from JessieDoesStuff on YouTube)

Favorites / Least Favorites
1. WIP: My favorite WIP was Postcards From The World by Cloudsfactory.  My least favorite was Deep Sea Fishes by Dimensions.
2. Finish: Favorite was Postcards, least favorite was Cliffside Beacon by Dimensions
3. FFO:  Favorite was Ginger Friends by Mill Hill, least favorite was the Dragon Card.
4. New Start: Favorite was Red Velvet Cake by Glendon Place, least favorite is the Lakeside Fantasy SAL.
5. Tool: Favorite was needle minders, can't think of a least favorite that I used...
6. Technique: Favorite is the loop start!
7. Material: Favorite is jobelan, least favorite is stiff aida
8. Pattern release of 2016: Favorite is Postcards or Brave by DoNaStitch

How Many...
9. WIPs at the start of year? 5
10. WIPs at the end of the year? 12
11. Starts during the year? 22  (counts all the Star Wars characters as 1)
12. Finishes during the year?  16 (all Star Wars count as 1)
13. FFOs?  8 + 22 Star Wars ornaments (with 7 still waiting FFO)
14. UFOs - temporary? Lakeside Fantasy SAL & Blackwork Cross bookmarks
15. UFOs - permanent? None
16. Full coverage pages complete? One for A Victorian Christmas Eve

First and Last
17. Start: First was Red Velvet Cake, last was Ghostly Mandala by Ink Circles
18. Finish: First was Cliffside Beacon, last was Deep Sea Fishes

19. Purchase?  Lakeside Fantasy SAL...should have waited to see the characters
20. Starting? Nope
21. Stopping? None
22. Not participating?  No regrets

New / New to You
23. Tool:  Needle minders, snag nab it
24. Technique / Stitch: None
25. Designer: DoNaStitch, Cloudsfactory, HAED, Satsuma Street
26. Fabric: 2016 was the first time I tried jobelan and I love it.
27. Thread:  First time I used silk floss!  Red Velvet Cake uses Dinky Dyes.
28. Vendor / Shop:  Lots
29. Terminology: Flosstube! And I discovered Stitch Maynia!!!
30. FlossTube Channels: I discovered Flosstube in 2016 and LOVE it...I think I subscribe to about 50 flosstubers!

A Mix of Questions
31. What did you learn this year?  How to sew my own pillow ornaments thanks to Vonna! And thanks to Stitchmania for all the SAL events to teach me that more WIPs is not a bad thing and my stitchy bug likes rotations shorter than a week.
32. What did you teach someone this year?  I spread the word about Flosstube and Maynia...
33. Did you become real life friends with any stitchers you only knew via social media previously? in previous years, but didn't meet any new folks in 2016.
34. Are you happy with what you accomplished this year? Yes.
35. Similarly, what were your goals for 2016? How do they measure up to what you accomplished?  I had a baby in 2015 so I just wanted to get back stitching in 2016, finish a baby piece for my friend (Cliffside Beacon) and enjoy my hobby, which I did!
36. Has your stitching style or organization changed during the year? If so, how? If no, are there any changes or improvements you’d like to make?  Yes!  I rotate more frequently and certainly have had more starts than ever before but a variety of WIPs helps keep the stitchy bug happy.  
37. Did you fall victim to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? Were there any projects that you would pass on starting if you were given the chance to go back in time and do all over?  I didn't join the CF Postcards SAL until the Jan-Mar designs had been released and I loved it, so when the Lakeside Fantasy SAL was announced, I bought it right away because I usually like Durene's designs and love Fantasy but I haven't been completely happy with the monthly designs. 
38. Did you participate in any SALs? If so, which one was your favorite?  Postcards!
39. What did you learn about yourself through your stitching this year?  A variety of WIPs that are rotated between 3-7 days works best for me. 
40. What was your favorite event that you participated in this year?  The Stitch Maynia Olympics SAL
41. Were there any 2016 "Stitching Fads" that you didn’t jump on the bandwagon for but you’re still considering?  No, not tempted by Death By Cross Stitch or some of the other SALs.

42. What project are you most looking forward to starting?  HAEDs (2 started already in the first 2 weeks of 2017) and my Guardian Angel by Lavender & Lace as a remembrance piece for my angel babies.
43. What project are you most looking forward to finishing?  My focus on a finish piece for 2017 is A Victorian Christmas Eve which is now my oldest WIP.
44. Do you intend to be more determined or laid back in your stitching in the coming year?  Determined!
45. What event are you most looking forward to participating in? All the Stitchmania monthly SALs
46. What are your stitchy resolutions for next year?  Enjoy! Try not to start too many new things in hopes of finishing some WIPs, and I'm also doing Stitch From Stash. 
47. Will you be participating in any SALs?  I'm considering the CF Fabulous Women in History and the Stitchrovia Charity MIND SAL but I'll wait to see more before purchasing them. 
48. Are there any materials / stitches / techniques you’d like to try in the new year? Nope

49. What was the best thing that happened to you this year?  The best thing that happened I can't discuss because of a Non-disclosure agreement I signed!
50. What are your resolutions for next year?  Enjoy life & my family.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

December update

I only worked on 3 pieces in December.  First, I finished the Dec Postcard which brought Postcards From The World as a FO!  December's location was the North Pole:

After finishing Postcards, I decided to take my oldest WIP and stitch ONLY on it to try to finish it before the end of the year.  Deep Sea Fishes (a Dimensions kit) is finished! I worked on it for 18 days straight and got burned out for sure.  I don't want to look at it for awhile.

For the last 3 days of the year, I worked more on Pretty Little DC by Satsuma Street.