Sunday, April 27, 2014

Frank and his Bride and SFS April report

Here's Frankenstein and his Bride after another week of stitching.  I stitched all of page 2 (right side of house & top of Frank's head) and started on page 3 (bride).  It's a fun piece to work on!
For the month of April, I only spent 99 cents on stitching stash and that was for a digital XS magazine.  I worked on Frank, the Camelot Sampler, A Victorian Xmas Eve, and completed Triple Jack and stitched Snowmen Trio.  All designs from stash!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Snowmen Trio

Here's my xmas piece for April.  It's Snowmen Trio by Cottage Country Needleworks.  A cute but easy design that took me 3 days to stitch.  I'll make it into an ornament later.  I used DMC instead of the hand-dyed floss it called for.
April stash expenditures so far only consists of one cross stitch magazine, but in digital form, so it only cost 99 cents!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

CamSam progress and Pumpkins!

Here's where TW's Camelot Sampler is after week 3:

 I finished the Camelot medallion, the initial & date blocks and started on the twisted vine border.  It's entirely 2 over 1 in that section so I thought the parking method would be the best way to tackle it but I'm struggling with parking since I've never done it before.  Here's a close-up of the twisted vine border:
After that rotation, I finished the Mill Hill kit called Triple Jack, that I had begun in March: 
This is my first time working with beads and I chose to use black floss to attach them (matching the black aida) rather than using a floss that matched the beads.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Victorian Xmas Eve week #5

I finished a week of working on this piece a few days ago but didn't get around to posting a picture.  I ended up stitching a lot of snow and did some other parts when I got tired of doing that - finished the red dress (except for backstitching) and started on the 2 kids.

I put this piece back away until the next rotation and picked up Camelot Sampler.  The confetti stitches are KILLING me!  It kills my motivation and speed.  But one stitch at a time, I'm getting it done.