Saturday, April 30, 2016

Stitching Update & Stitch Maynia Plans

So, my life is more than busy caring for a 9 month old and 3.5 year old, but I discovered FlossTube videos and heard about Stitch Maynia and well, there's nothing like hearing about everyone else's wonderful stitching plans to make your stitchy bug go into overdrive.

So, I created a plan for my Stitch Maynia...there's absolutely no guarantees that I'll get to everything but as a minimum, I'll work on my WIPs and new start for Star Wars Day.  Anything else I get to is icing on the cake, especially knowing my husband will be away for a week so it'll just be the girls and I at home.  All the patterns, fabric & floss comes from my stash.  I don't have a huge fabric stash but I'm fortunate to have at least one skein of each DMC color.  I threw all of this together today so I've pulled the fabric and cut it to size.  I still need to zigzag stitch the edges and probably won't pull floss colors until the day I start each piece.

First, my WIPs:

1. Red Velvet Cake - Glendon Place:  I've done 1 week's worth of stitching on this so far.  Here's a pic of the pattern and where I'm at so far.  I stole the idea to use a brown fabric from someone else on the GP Facebook group.

2. Camelot Sampler - Teresa Wentzler:  This is one I had to restart because I completely screwed up the over 1 parts...I don't know how I thought I could do 2 over 1 on 28 ct.  I haven't touched this piece for over a year but I love it and it needs some attention.  I just don't have motivation to re-stitch parts that I've already done.  Here's a pic of the pattern and where I'm at:

3. A Victorian Christmas Eve - Sandy Littlejohn / Deb Lester:  I've been working on this one on & off since Aug 2013 (more off than on) and I'm currently on page 3 of 6.  I'm not taking this one off the Q-snap for a whole picture so you just have to imagine it...or go back to my previous blog posts in 2014 to see the first 2 pages.  Here's a picture of the pattern and my progress on page 3:

4.  Postcards of the World SAL - Cloudsfactory:  Just love this SAL and I'm THIS CLOSE to finishing Moscow (April pattern).  I will finish it tonight before the May postcard is released.  So no pic yet but I'll add one later.


5.  Boba Fett - WeeLittleStitches on Etsy.  She's the creator of the original pixel people.  Several years ago I stitched Darth Vader into a bookmark.  No picture of this pattern but here's a link.  And she's in the process of creating new patterns for The Force Awakens characters
                                                      Weelittlestitches' Star Wars Enemies

6. Dragon Card - Durene Jones from Ultimate Cross Stitch Fantasy book.  This will be for a family member.

7. Fall Wreath - Angela Pullen from Just Cross Stitch Oct 2014 (not the Halloween issue).  I have adored this piece since I first saw it so it's time to start stitching it!  Fall is my favorite the colors.

8.  Snow White - Little House Needleworks: A cute, simple little pattern I had on hand in thoughts of making ornaments as thank-you gifts for teachers.

9. Witches - Oberlin Samplers:  I got this pattern for free from someone de-stashing.  I've stitched one other piece from Oberlin and it's the first time I used a handwritten chart.  The chart has all handwritten symbols and backstitching lines.  I'll be using some extra Picture This Plus fabric in Eek! color that I had left from another piece.

10. Fall Squared - Lizzie Kate:  Another simple ornament piece to keep for myself or give as a thank you gift.

11. Chicks - Lizzie Kate:  This one comes with a soft purple fabric to stitch on so I'll have to change at least one color of floss. This will probably be made into a flat ornament or flatfold display.
12. Skating Penguins - Fast Christmas Cards book (JoAnn's Fabric).  This will be for an xmas card for a friend who loves penguins.

13. Cruisin' - Glendon Place:  I've had this one all kitted up with fabric and beads for a couple months.  I love her Halloween designs.

14. Ginger Friends - Mill Hill Buttons & Beads kit

15. Little House Christmas Kit - freebie that came in CrossStitcher issue 297.  I plan on making the house on the right.


  1. Good luck with Maynia. I love all your choices. Hopefully you'll make a lot of progress on your WIPs.

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