Monday, February 24, 2014

A Victorian Xmas update and Feb Stitching from Stash summary

I worked 5 days on page 2 of A Victorian Christmas Eve to finish my 4th week of working on this piece.  (It took about 2 days to finish page 1 in my last update of it.)  I wasn't really motivated to work on this piece in my rotation and wanted to skip to another piece but I really got into it as I was stitching because it went fairly quickly, except for the confetti of the pine tree.  So here's where I am after week 4:
And for my February summary for the Stitching From Stash challenge:
Rollover from January: $9.09
Amount spent in Feb: $23.13 (after spending $9.09 above)
Stash purchased: I used the rollover amount to buy another qsnap, I also bought TW's Camelot Sampler and everything I needed to get it started (fabric, some floss & needles)
Rollover for March: $1.87

Happy Stitching!

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